Choose a Plan that Works for You

1 to 9 Locations

SR 440/year/Location

10 to 49 Locations

SR 399/year/Location

50 to 99 Locations

SR 370/year/Location

100+ Locations
Custom Pricing

Listing Management

Automated and smart update, publish and management of your business listings data on Google My Business and main online directories

Review Management

Manage your reviews at scale from a single page and for all your social media.

Post Management

Bulk schedule your posts from a single page for an unlimited number of posts.

Business Intelligence

On-demand and real-time store analytics, consumer Insight and competitive analysis.

Integrated Ticket Management

Smart and automated incident management system to convert insights into action.

Alerts and Notifications

Schedule reports and reminders for the event of your choice and at the frequency of your choice, to the team members of your choice.

Smart Response

Tap into a library of pre-made replies to manage your reviews at scale. Filter by language, sector, purpose and more.

Desk Support

Multilingual 9-5 support providing assistance via telephone, livechat or email to all users.

Relationship Manager

On-demand, dedicated, expert and multilingual support over phone, email or on-premise.

Custom Worklows

Tailor-made task and process automation designed for your speficic needs.