Resolve Tickets

Businesses​​ should strive to resolve tickets as soon as possible. It means you should resolve and respond to every negative review as soon as possible before these hurt your brand’s​​ reputation.

It also shows your responsiveness and care towards your customers.

To resolve or close a ticket, follow this step-by-step process:

Step1:​​ Go to​​ Listings​​ in the left-side panel on your dashboard.

Step 2:​​ Click on the​​ Tickets​​ link. On the​​ following screen, you will see the list of all opened and closed tickets:

Step 3:​​ All resolved or closed tickets will have a green tick mark in the Status:

All opened tickets will have a red exclamation mark in the Status column:

Step 4:​​ To resolve​​ a ticket, click on the​​ X​​ button in the​​ Action​​ column.

Step 5:​​ Select the reason, from the drop-down list, for closing the ticket.

If you choose the last option – Other (please describe) – you​​ will have the​​ following window on your screen.

In the text​​ box, enter the reason for closing the ticket. ​​ Also, you can attach a photo (JPEG, PNG, JPG, and GIF) as the proof of the reason.

Step 6:​​ Now, click on the​​ Close Ticket​​ button.

Step 7:​​ The status will change to resolved/closed indicated by the green mark and the X icon button will be removed from the Action column for the ticket.

If you still have any other​​ questions​​ or​​ doubts, let us know.