Filter your Reviews

You can filter reviews on your listing by platform, responded/unresponded, location, time period, and score rating.

Follow these steps to filters reviews:

Step 1:​​ Go to Reviews.

Step 2:​​ You will see a panel on the left. This panel has a number of filters.

Step 3:​​ You can filter by the platform. You can have all the platforms selected or choose one platform at a time.

Step 4:​​ You can choose to see the reviews responded, unresponded, or both.

Suppose you want to see the response you have replied to. Select the Responded filter.

Now, click on the Apply button.

You will see the responded reviews on your screen.

Step 5:​​ You can see the reviews for all of your locations or for some of your locations.

Step 6:​​ You can choose to see the reviews by a period of time.

Suppose you want to see the reviews for the last week. Choose Last Week and click on apply. You will see all the reviews posted over the last week.

Step 7:​​ You can choose to see the reviews by score range between 4 and 5.



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